What The Critics are Saying

The Men of a Match has “the potential to be a terrific memoir,” & the stories “to be spectacular reads. The subject is very captivating and speaks to today’s dating culture. There is so much debate over whether or not you can find someone genuine on dating sites, and your book goes straight to the heart of the issue.”
Charlotte Gusay Agency

“This sounds fun,”
Erin L. Cox of Rob Weisbach Creative Management

Your concept is fresh and intriguing and I do believe there is an audience for a book about Match”
Amy Burkhardt of Kimberley Camerson & Associates

There’s a lot to like about your approach,”
Farley Chase

One of the stories in The Men of Match: Memoirs of a CyberDating Maven has been described as this:
Ed’s story unfolded wonderfully, was nuanced and authentic; his erectile dysfunction and the awkwardness of trying to escape from him was painful to read in a good way.”
Charlotte Gusay Agency

I liked reading your collection of essays about the various doofuses you dated and silly experiences you had.”
Jeff Herman