“An intriguing concept for a book”
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The Penguin Group has noted The Men of Match for its “strengths”
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January 2012

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A big congratulations to Nancy on Dec 30, 2011 for fighting the good fight against the bad guys in court and winning for women everywhere! Looking forward to your book in March!

From Part Ten: My Last Match Man

A first time victim of domestic violence my mission in adding this page is to help people better understand a victim’s state of mind in the moments following physical abuse. The music echoes the mental and emotional trauma, the racing heart beat of an adrenaline rush, anguish, and the white noise of mental daze. Everything slows and one’s peripheral vision becomes a blurr.

Please PLAY music at bottom left of this page as you read this paragraph:

He Refused to Talk–and Like Dynamite His Anger Exploded…

“I scrape myself up off of the ground and my abuser walks away knowing nothing of my injuries. My right eye has been punched black and blue. Punched again, the inside of my lip is split, my mouth filling with blood. My front teeth feel strange as I hold my hand over my mouth. Previously, I watched in a paralyzed state as my phone was smashed to the floor leaving me in a more heightened state of trauma, with no communication. When you’re down on the ground, broken, you ask yourself, WHO ARE THESE VIOLENT MONSTERS WHO WALK AWAY? How do I get to my truck located thirty yards away, climb high up into the driver’s seat to get home? I am driving 20 mph, struggling to stay in the center of the road, my head crouched low over the steering wheel. The 4 miles to home is forever. SURREAL! As I crawl out of my vehicle into my home I don’t ever want to come out and I am ashamed for anyone to know. I haven’t seen myself.”

Please share your comments on my blog page about a subject that, to this day remains shameful, embarrasing and taboo for so many to talk about. Thank you for visiting.

When people show you who they are, believe them…
— Oprah’s Lifeclass — Lesson 13, Oct. 26, 2011

Nancy Beckons