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The Men of Match:  Memoirs of a CyberDating Maven

Author Nancy Beckons says, “Out of these stressful times I wanted to give readers a wildly entertaining read that is equally memorable. Importantly, I wanted to keep in mind my male readership as much as women. Afterall, it is a book about The Men of”

In her two years on the author begins by introducing the Men of to see what they have to say literally in their search to find a soul mate. Using live dialogue of “Match Men” the stories come to life and run the gamut of funny, sad, intriguing, heart-warming and heart wrenching. At times they highlight the bizarre in all of us. Introducing themselves to the reader one begins, “Attracting someone really isn’t the hard part, but meeting your match certainly is.” Another confesses, “none of us are angels.” A third says, “I feel friendship should come first and then let things come naturally. I am looking for trust, communication and honesty.”

What does all of this really mean? Nancy Beckons makes interesting cases for many of her findings. The author brings the reader into her encounters with Match Men who are as varied as the quick talking financial trader, one who calls himself a Conch King, to a British Match Man living in France. Several of the author’s romantic adventures include dates with an Advice Seeker, a Tiki Bar owner at an exclusive Country Club, a Horse Trainer, and a Player Match Man. Read about the others!

The best, the worst and the funniest profiles are all here! Among the highlights is one who pulls off a top-ten list of what women desire most from men and another who turns out to be a scam artist. The author shares with readers some of her own inspirations, too from cyberdating– about the Match Man who turns her into a poet, chuckling, “as corny as that sounds.”

Readers can immerse themselves in a chapter about what men think women want and what women really want. Age is brought to light in a way readers will ponder. For instance, how many online subscribers are telling the truth? And, what do readers have to say about author Nancy Beckons for taking sides?

For almost two years the author used her instincts well enough to avoid any trouble until meeting Jack, My Last Match Man. Trapped by her own hopeful thinking to find a soul mate she unknowingly falls victim to the shallow charms of an abusive Match Man. A riveting self-disclosure is made to readers as the chapter unfolds. It is a jolting reminder that love is much more than the chemistry of a Match Man whose headliner reads, “Romancer waiting to be captured”.

In closing, What About Soul Mates? brings the definition of the term back onto the table. Regarding that elusive chemistry we are all looking for in a mate, Nancy Beckons makes some of her own discoveries and concludes, “this two year journey has been quite a ride, and with the exception of my last Match Man, I would characterize it overall, positive. That my heart has remained open to love and that I have regained my true identity has amazed me.” A personal victory worth championing for her readers is revealed at the book’s closing!

Through all of her encounters and dates with Match Men, author Nancy Beckons has become a CyberDating Maven–helping people avoid some major pitfalls of online dating and become more savy in the search to find a soul mate.