Excerpts from The Men of Match

The Things Match Men Say!

Author Nancy Beckons concedes, Match Men are Just Too Funny!
From a Match Man’s Top Ten List:
I’m looking for a woman who can truthfully say about men:

5. I know what a touchdown is, but I prefer tackling you at halftime;
3. I understand you are simple creatures; football, beer, and sex is all you need; and,
1. I won’t turn into June Cleaver, but I will pick up your dry cleaning for you.”

From the Fireman Who Didn’t Want to be the Laughing Stock
“I’m a retired fireman from Georgia and my photo is not posted because if the guys in the firehouse ever saw my photo posted here I would never live it down!”

From Chapter 27 Locked Up Like Fort Knox A Cool Rose Under the Sheets

“As I approached the electric gate, for just a second I thought of putting on more clothes in the event there was an accident on the road, or worse, I got stopped by a cop. The urgent need to exit the farm for the fifteen minute ride home was the sure touchdown. Earlier in the day I had seen the wires hanging…..

Read about getting stood up high in the sky by a Clearwater pilot named, Fun4all2bhad, to the story about The Surgeon who Fell Hard for Love, labeling the author, a top five per center,” and to the woman abuser who is,
As toxic as they come!

One of the most laughable adventures about author’s one and only, My Cheetah Match Man.” He exceeds any of the best come on lines that men use on women.

There are Match Men who describe themselves in the strangest ways:
I’m nobody special. Anothersays ”I am not into heavy intelligent conversation as I deal with that during the work day…

In the aftermath of physical abuse by her last Match Man the author receives this heartwarming message in her inbox:
Goodness! If your eyes are not beside the comment “gentle warmth”, then something…somewhere…is terribly wrong. Wow! Just…wow!”

Regarding The Age Factor, this chapter will have readers wondering if there is a difference between fact and fiction!

Read about The Best and Funniest Profiles! One from, A Dozen Kisses Match Man who says,
“Hello, I am a sex addict. Yes, I am addicted…….

Read the author’s top ten list of What Women Want, and, What Women Don’t Want! What is Match Maven Nancy Beckon’s answer to men about women who want to be taken care of?

How does the journey end for Nancy Beckons? Readers will be jolted by a riveting chapter on My Last Match Man, Jack. Did the author find her soul mate? A surprise victory awaits readers at the end. There are discoveries about love,relationships and finding our true soul mates which will give pause to many of us who are blind sighted by the underlying truths of these subjects.