About the Book

The Men of Match: Memoirs of a CyberDating Maven is a two year journey of a woman in search for a soul mate on the world’s largest online dating website, match.com. It is a first memoir written exclusively about the Men of Match.
The adventures with Match Men will have readers laughing, sighing and sometimes in disbelief despite everything we know possible about human beings. A sampling of chapters includes, Romance at Every Degree, Sticky Issues, Unmatched Adventures, The Best and Funniest Profiles, In Less Than Sixty Seconds to, Men Are Just Too Funny! Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, Match Men will entertain readers with their tell all quest for that elusive dream girl. Many of the stories could be YOURS!
During the last leg of her journey there is a last Match Man who presses the author into believing he is her soul mate. A cunning woman abuser, his expression of love– through songs he creates and sings–turns out to be for his own self-gratification. Despite the heart wrenching physical harm he inflicts upon her, Author Nancy Beckons does not close the door to love. Instead, she makes some important discoveries about finding true love that many of us are easily blind-sighted by.
The author also reveals to readers key facets of online dating that so many of us are in the dark about or too afraid to experience alone for the first time. Through lessons learned she brings to light valuable insights offered at the ends of chapters. In coming to terms with these, Nancy Beckons believes we might all eventually understand what really makes for a genuine soul mate.